The collaborative game designed  to spark imaginations, create new worlds, and build unexpected connections with others.


What is EQ?

EQ is an interactive game inspired by the surrealist drawing game ‘exquisite corpse’. People anywhere in the world can connect with one another for fun, to express themselves creatively, and to collaborate through drawing, painting, writing, design, and more.

Together, create surprising and unexpected masterpieces!

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How does it work?

1. Start or join a project..
2. Create!
3. Collaborate - send your masterpiece to anyone in the world or a friend!
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When everyone is done, it's time for the grand reveal!

What our community is saying


Zoë Laylock




“This game is awesome and more than just a game. Especially during isolation and pandemic quarantine, it creates space for connection with other people in creating something without judgement and really for pure joy and fun!It’s exciting to see what you can create with other people without pressure and can create and foster a sense of community in a time when we are all feeling kind of alone.”

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